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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What weight or “PRO” do I need?

A: Selecting the right grade of AgroFabric depends on the intended goal – is it to be used for mild protection for a one night frost event, or to protect for months at a time in very cold sub-freezing temperatures? First, decide what level of protection is needed, then select using the chart to the select the “PRO” Grade/basis weight that delivers the protection needed. Other factors such as light transmission and durability may be important when choosing.


Q: How long does the AgroFabric last?

A: All AgroFabric grades have ultraviolet Inhibitors to maximize their functional life. However, lighter grades such as PRO 17 will not last as long in the field as PRO 34. Many growers find that with care in handling and proper storage that even the lightest grades can be used several times. If long life (3-4 years) is desired then the best choice would be the heavier Winter Blankets.

Functional life is determined by many factors: exposure to UV rays, wind, animal tears, and hail and storage conditions.


Q: Do I need to keep the AgroFabric off the plants?

A: No, AgroFabric is intended to lie directly on the plants. The fabric is porous to air and water and under normal conditions has no affect on the leaves or flowers it might be in contact with.


Q: Does AgroFabric allow water to pass through?

A: Yes


Q: How are the seams constructed?

A: They are sewn using three individual pieces of interlocking thread. This seam is superior to sonically bonded or glued seams because they will not get brittle and degrade over time and through periods of heat and UV exposure.


Q: What sizes does AgroFabric come in?

A: AgroFabric is available in almost all grades in widths from 2 ft. to 60 ft. and in lengths from 20 ft. to 5,000 ft. Depending on the grade, the roll may become too heavy. So it’s a good idea to check with us or your local dealer if you are uncertain. The product is seamed into larger widths from panels that are either 10 ft. or 13 ft. in width, therefore making these widths and multiples of these two widths the fastest to manufacture and ship.


Q: How much does AgroFabric cost?

A: Pricing is available from the dealer and based on grade, order size, freight considerations and other factors. Contact your local dealer for pricing, or if you cannot find a suitable dealer on the locator map, fill out a request for Quotation and we will try to satisfy your request.


Q: What is AgroFabric made from?

A: Continuous filament Polypropylene made into a non-woven fabric.


Q: Is AgroFabric biodegradable?

A: No, it will not biodegrade, however can be recycled.


Q: How hot will the temperatures get underneath AgroFabric?

A: The warmest temperatures will be beneath PRO 17 and PRO 19 and can be as much as 40% higher than those of the ambient air. Heavier covers which do not allow as much incident light transmission will not heat up as much.


Q: How is AgroFabric applied to the field and retrieved?

A: The product will arrive on a cardboard core, and if wider than 13 ft. will be folded in an a “z’” pattern on the core. It can be unrolled by walking down the center of the field and the edges are then pulled in opposite directions to extend it to its full width. Retrieval is simply the reverse steps. Some growers deploy hand carts and modified mulch layers to apply and retrieve the fabric.


Q: How are the edges secured?

A: It is advisable to put soil or sand bags along the edges to keep AgroFabric from blowing away and to maximize its effectiveness.


Q: How do I store AgroFabric after use?

A: AgroFabric can be used for weeks at a time in the field and taken off and on many times during that period, even left in a row middle when not in use. After the product is no longer needed in the field, the covers can be rolled up and stored for re-use. Make certain they are as dry as possible and they should be stored in a dark, preferably cool place.